Stop Compulsive Spending

December 19, 2010 by: Digital Download Software

Stop Compulsive Spending Right Now – Rescue your finances and develop self control.

Spending addiction is an effort to attempt to “purchase” happiness—to feel looked up to, to feel recognized, to feel empowered, to push aside distressful feelings, like self-distrust or self-disappointment—and may risk wrecking everything you treasure.

Spending addiction induces “I’ve have to purchase something at once” behavior. Every “cha-ching!” of the register or charge card “Approved!” message makes you feel so great, you receive enough of a chemical charge to drown in. One buy is never adequate. You wish to feel that inebriating “high” over and over, and again–and keep those hen-pecking, disturbing feelings at some distance. And so you go out and purchase something.

There are chemical couriers called neurotransmitters that convey communication from your brain to throughout your body. When you’re nervous, nervous, or feeling concerned (like when self-critical ideas begin sneaking in), you receive a flood of panic-inducing epinephrine that may feel like undiluted jet fuel. When something occurs that makes you feel particularly great (like when you purchase something!), you receive a rush of unbelievably satisfying neurotransmitters known as serotonins that feels dandy.

When you have spending addiction, what you’re really trying to “purchase” is to be liked and looked up to by other people and to not feel devoured by self-doubt and self-disappointment.

It doesn’t matter how much income you have, how successful you are, or what prestige you bear in your community, it’s the inside of you that feels void and trivial. When you’re out there dropping money, that huge emotional hole within you feels almost filled and–if only for a bit –you feel great.

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