Learn to Control Your Emotions

December 10, 2010 by: Digital Download Software

Do you ever feel as though you are simply not in control of your emotions? Are there times when the ability to control your emotions would change the outcome of events within your life?


Emotions can master our minds, take over our lives, and destroy our future. It is up to you to deal with your emotions while learning how to command and master the emotions.


The emotions are human makeup that stems from natural inborn sources, while as the emotions grow (birth – child – adult) the emotions learn, believe, misconceive, disbelieve, teach, lie, deceive, etc. Emotions are powerful, since emotions stem from the hearts learning as well, which the heart is deceptive. This is where fact-finding comes into play, since if you do not have facts you will lack confidence, self-esteem, selfassurance, self-trust, self-respect, and all those other words that make a human being whole.


This brings us to problems. The problems include acting on impulses, becoming angry, experience sadness, emptiness, and the like. Most times when you hear of alcoholism, drug additions, nicotine additions, criminal minds, psychological problems, you are hearing about people who have not mastered their mind to command their emotions.


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